Paolina Bacialli

Paolina Bacialli is 18, the smile of a young girl and thoughts that are already big.

She attends the last year of high school at Liceo Classico Marco Polo in Venice, where she lives with her parents, her brother and Debby, a eight year-old Beagle.

“I love Venice, but I always enjoy exploring the world and new realities”, she tells me.

She spent her fourth year of high school in Napa, California. And in California, she started telling stories with her camera.

With the documentary “Small Dreams”, done with a group of three other talented girls, she faced the problem of eating disorders. This job has been done with modest technology, but intense feeling. The team that made the documentary was not expecting any recognition, but the short documentary won the second price at the competition “Aspire Awards-Adobe Youth Voices”, it was selected for the student section at the Napa Valley Film Festival and it was also screened at the “Rise to the occasion youth media festival” in Oakland, California.

This year, she shot her second short documentary: “Silencing The Lambs”, which is about the ethical problem of eating meat and the relationship between persons and animals.

Here they are, to watch and think about:

Small Dreams:

Silencing the Lambs:

Paolina, your documentary is about our relationship with food and eating meat. Why did you choose to work on these topics?

I think these are important themes, especially for young people. I hope my work can affect people in a positive way, helping them with the ethical problem of eating meat that they may have.

How long you have been vegetarian?
I became vegetarian 5 years ago. I was in Ireland with my family, we walked by a field and we saw some cows. One of them came closer, I looked the cow in the eyes, and I decided that I could no longer eat meat.

How about your parents?
My parents and my brother are not vegetarians. My parents respected my choice from the beginning, but they thought this choice may not be so healthy for my body.

With time, they understood that this is a life style, and that they should not be afraid of any nutritional problems.

Favorite movie?
I love many movies. My favourite is probably “Slumdog Millionaire”. I particularly love its screenplay and film editing.

What are you reading?
“In search of lost time” by Proust.

What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy reading, going to the movies, hanging out with friends. All those things that teenagers usually do!

Favorite food?

Are you interested in fashion? What is your favourite style?
I like dressing casual. I like green and blue. I do not wear leather.

What about love?
I fell in love during my year in California. He is going to be here for Christmas, I can’t wait!

What are your hopes for the future?
I would like to work in the film industry and possible contribute for a positive change in other people’s lives.

Let’s finish this interview. Paolina has to study for a test she has to take tomorrow.
Thanks, Paolina! May your dreams come true!